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I apologize for my lack of social media presence lately. As many of you know we have pulled our kids from school entirely and are homeschooling all 4 of children going forward. I am working long days Sun/Mon and in the evenings during the week. I’m jam packed schedule wise. It’s been a great juggling act and unfortunately it means I do not have much time for posting.

With that being said I am open for business and will be, even if I’m not the greatest at business posts letting you know. I am always thinking of my clients and how you all are faring this year. I miss seeing you and miss your hugs. I hope 2021 brings brighter and less fearful days where I can see your beautiful faces again.

Until then I hope you are staying safe and healthy. Thank you for your ongoing support, referrals, gift card purchases and your kind words that continually lift my spirits.

From my family to yours, my small business to yours, we are wishing you all a very lovely few days off. I hope you are surrounded by love this season 💖
It’s that time of the season! Order your gift cards and have them mailed directly to you, no need to schedule a pick up 💛
I love you guys, and I love #zoyanailpolish!

Not only do I love smoothing rough feet, giving a killer foot and leg massage but I love knowing your toes are polished and beautiful also without compromising your health! Your health is of the utmost importance.

I was due for some fresh new polish and since these are the most amazing #10freepolish I went big. Nearly 50 new bottles in the house! 👏🏻 so many beautiful colors ready for your fingers or toes.

Lots of fun and bright colors. A whole bunch of nudes, browns and beige.

Lots of red, blue and whites.

Between the white and nudes you have an endless selection for French polish if bright and bold isn’t your thing.

Sun/Mon all day availability and midweek appointments from 4-8:30pm. Check out the website to book your next Organic Spa Pedicure!

P.S. Facebook wouldn’t upload the video snippets so hop on over to Instagram @olivinenaturalsalonspa to see the color sneak peeks 😍
[08/20/20]   Hello Friends!

Just as we are back in the swing of things we are facing further restrictions in our industry.

Yesterday it was announced that any services requiring a mask be temporarily removed is no longer allowed. We are waiting for clarification about their wording about doctors notes. I am not comfortable asking any of you to supply me with a doctors note as to why you can’t wear a mask, that is just silly and uncomfortable for both of us. They also announced this last week that they are significantly increasing our professional dues while reducing what services we can do.

I am hesitant to even post this and I always keep politics out of discussion in my business but I urge you to please contact your representatives and let them know that this causes hardship on our businesses and families.

This is killing our small business community of makeup professionals, stylists/barbers who offer beard trims, esthetician’s and cosmetologists like myself who offer facial waxing and skin care. Permanent makeup and tattoo artists are being hit by this also.

We already practice hospital grade sanitation standards in our industry by law. We have hospital grade disinfectant that we must use in a strict protocol. Our bedding is washed and bleached after every service. We undergo state inspection to ensure our premises are safe and sanitary for our guests. Additionally I have taken 2 additional professional courses on my own time about sanitation and disinfection to ensure my clients are safe and I am in the know. I additionally have had zero sick clients of any sort walk through my door or cancel due to any illness. My clients are all self screening and texting no symptoms before being welcomed inside. Sick people are staying home, the healthy are choosing to have these services and we professionals are taking every step to ensure our space is safe for you and ourselves after each and every service.

So I urge you to please continue supporting these small businesses and reach out to our reps to show support for us. We need your support!

I will reach out to those who have services that have to be canceled. In the meantime, thank you for your understanding and your patience with all these changes we have to make.
Working evenings is such a change of pace for me. I’m missing my gardens in the evening but this peaceful retreat is lovely too. The new space is cozy and I am loving everything about it. 🕯

It is so quiet and peaceful inside and out especially in the evenings. Looking outside the window from the pedi area the sunset makes the yard warm and glowy. A client saw a hummingbird sipping from the petunias the other day. She was right! Saw it with my own eyes and it just made it feel even more magical.

Online Booking is up and running again, 4pm and 6pm appointments are available in the evenings. The perfect time to get out of the traffic! I invite you to come check out the new space, take a deep breath and relax for an hour or two and let me work my magic 💖
olivinesalonspa.com Online Booking - Book Now! Surprise! I have more availability this week due to my guy being on vacation.

I have this Wednesday at 12pm available and this Thursday 12pm or 2pm available.

**Wednesday 12pm booked
**Thursday 2pm booked
**Thursday 12pm available

I am otherwise booked until the first week of August.

Please let me know via comment and then a private message here (email and phone number are needed) or pop on over to the online booking page to book yourself for 12 or 2pm.

www.olivinesalonspa.com/online-booking olivinesalonspa.com BOOKING NOW!

Hi Friends! I am officially open this week and easing back into a very full schedule. I have posted snippets of info in prior posts because the information I have to share is lengthy. However this must addressed before everyone’s appointments so please read through this in its entirety.

1. As our Phases of reopening change I will change the email reminder messages to you about how we proceed. This info unfortunately does not get sent via text. If you are text reminder only you won’t get this info, if you get both email and text reminders please remember to check the email one as crucial information is contained there. Please verify with me that your email is correct.

2. Online Booking is up and running. As usual you can schedule 30 days out. If you need to book further out for rebooking your appointments or to get booked for an event/wedding etc please reach out to me so I can do that for you. This part is important: Please only book at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and book a time where you have a little flexibility. Due to lengthy sanitation between clients I must have that extra 30 minutes after most appointments. If your appointment comes through for a different time I will adjust it to one of the times above. Say you book at 3pm, I will rebook you for 2pm or 4pm. Depending on how each day is booked and if I have shorter timed services like just a brow tint or brow wax in there I may even adjust you by only 15 minutes, so please read and confirm the date/time texts/emails and notify me immediately if that time doesn’t work.

3. We are being required to ask our clients to self monitor for any symptoms and contact me to reschedule if they are exhibiting any symptoms. If you are showing any symptoms you will be asked to reschedule your appointment for at least 14 days later. Any additional appointments made during that 14 day window will also be rescheduled.

4. You are asked to come to your appointment alone, please do not bring guests with you to maintain social distancing. My new space is cozy and I do not have a large waiting area.

5. When you arrive please remain in your car and text me that you have arrived. Please confirm in text that you have NOT experienced: fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, newly lost sense of taste/smell, cough or body aches within the last 14 days. Please check your temperature before your appointment and cancel if your temp is 100.4 or higher. You will be invited into the office when my last client has left and my room has been sanitized.

6. Please bring your own mask as they have encouraged everyone to wear one. If you show up without a mask I will assume that you are exempt and have made an informed choice. I will not discriminate against any client who cannot wear a mask due to health and/or emotional reasons. If you are uncomfortable and concerned that I have clients in my space that may not be wearing a mask due to a health reason then you may want to wait until things settle down and you feel more safe. Beauty and Nail Salons are considered High Risk and while I take sanitation very seriously, you do have the right to hold off until you are comfortable.

7. I myself will be keeping a record of self monitoring at the start of each work day. If I experience any symptoms or feel under the weather I will contact you to reschedule.

8. Please wash your hands immediately upon arrival before being seated. If you are having your nails done you will be given a nail brush to use while washing thoroughly. Please use this brush to wash around and under your nails with warm soapy water. When you return to the room please put this clean nail brush into the specified jar of hospital grade disinfectant. This practice will continue even after we have worked through the Phases of Reopening.

9. Hand sanitizer will provided around the space for your use. Please try to avoid using your phone and personal items during your nail service. Any polish bottles or gel nail swatches that you touch as you pick your selections will be set aside so that I may sanitize them and place them back before my next client. All high touch items such as these and door knobs, pens/stylus, touch screens etc shall be wiped down thoroughly between clients.

10. You will also be provided with a cape to put on, this is a new COVID state requirement as is the apron or smock that I also must change for each client.

11. Beverages will be provided to you, there will be no self service options at this time. I currently have hot/cold filtered drinking water and various organic tea options.

And there we have it! Thank you for taking the time to read this. Not only is everyone’s health on the line but so is my livelihood by opening my doors during such an uneasy time in the world. Thank you for supporting your small local businesses during all of this. Please be patient and kind as we transition to a new routine and find our flow again as we all reopen. I look forward to seeing your faces again and providing you with a few moments to breathe and relax.
The view from my desk as I prepare for opening next week 😍 Beautiful clematis flowering right outside the door, peonies and more out in the yard. The rain is pattering on the roof and sounds lovely. I am getting more excited for you all to see the new space!

#smallbusinessspokane #olivinesalonspa #relaxrefreshrejuvenate #spokanesalon #spokanesalonspa #newlocation #relaxspokane

I started moving into the new location today! The floors were being professionally cleaned Monday so with June halfway over I really wanted to get just one load delivered and organized to feel like I’ve made progress after all these months 😅

We have this huge project right now of cleaning everything that has gathered dust in storage before moving in and giving it a good and thorough cleaning and sanitation.

I am also still waiting for PPE supplies to be delivered before taking clients. Shipping times are incredibly delayed right now as production has come to a screeching halt and put everything behind. I cannot open until I have these.

I have been bombarded with calls, texts, DMs asking to make appointments and asking when I’m opening. Everyone is so excited for some self care, myself included! So now that I know for sure the timeframe you can be in the know too!

Olivine will be opening in July! I am currently rebooking in the order of cancellations from March/April.

Please reach out if you are wanting to get on the schedule. I am booking a little ways out as it has been a long while since anyone has had their services and my availability has been greatly reduced.

I am working hard to find more availability. For now I will be booking evenings during the week and Sunday’s/Monday’s will be full days. “Full” = less appointments post-covid. Due to the increased time requirements for sanitizing between clients and no waiting space I have to block out for longer between clients. This means less flexibility on the times for appts. I will be setting appointments for 10, 12, 2, 4 and 6pm. Popping you in last minute will probably not be a possibility for a while so please be sure to check your schedules for one of those times and message to schedule with me ASAP to ensure you get in soon. Any appointments that are 10 minutes late will be rescheduled. I will not cut corners on sanitation and need to ensure services start on time for my following clients appointments. I appreciate your promptness and communication.

Thank you for your patience and being so excited for the new location! I can’t wait to welcome you all!
[05/28/20]   🎉 I have found a new location! 🎉

Things will be different due to protocols now so that’s info that I will detail later along with the location.

In the meantime I will need to gather items required by the state for re-opening, figure out new hours due to my kiddos being out of school and sanitation time requirements, secure my new licenses and change my insurance over. I can then start getting moved in and scheduling everyone.

I likely won’t be taking appointments until mid to end of June, possibly July 1st. I hope it’s sooner than later but it’s just a little bit longer to wait. We at least have a time frame now to look forward to. Woohoo! I will be going back through my bookings and calling each of you to get scheduled. Once my regular clients are booked I will open up the online booking for other new guests.

I am so grateful for everyone’s patience and understanding 🥰 I cannot wait to get back to pampering you! Hang tight for more details to come within the next week or two.
[05/24/20]   Hi Everyone! Phase 2 has started and places are opening up. I am unfortunately not one of those businesses. I am still looking for a location and with all the crazy requirements I have items to order to ensure my clients safety per the cosmetology board requirements.

Please keep an eye out here as I will announce when I’ve moved into a space and met the states requirements for opening. After that I will be calling each client to reschedule you.

Hang tight, we are almost there!
Just a little laugh 😊 I hope to see you all soon!
As of 4/30/2020 Olivine will be CLOSED. I am on the hunt for a new location on the North side. Please know that this decision did not come lightly and this is not the end.

Due to the ban that was placed many of the businesses in my suite were unable to work to pay their expenses as are so many other businesses within our community. With what seems to be no end in site and the new building owners being unable to work with anyone our lease was renegotiated in good standing and our time at the location will come to an end.

Our lease should have ended later this summer and I was working out details for moving and space for growth and community. Unfortunately this decision came so much sooner than I had hoped and changed from my original vision and plan. I did not want to pay rent through times of closure and lose a chance for a beautiful new beginning so I did not take over the lease for the office which means I will temporarily close my doors while I secure a new space. I have been unable up to this point to find a new location that would work for my range of services and have the space for my equipment for them. I was hoping to work and find a new space through the next few months but these new times have sidetracked that and I’m left with no office. I have myself on managers/realtors lists to notify me of new spaces. I will continue diligently looking for a new space and hope that the perfect one manifests itself and I can reopen my doors.

I hope our community is able to open back up soon so that I can get back to seeing you all and doing what I love. This time will hold a place in my heart as I have grown so much with that space for the past 4 years, I loved what she had become and looked forward to each day of being there. I am so grateful for you all who found and visited me at E Rowan. Thank you for helping make that space so special! Thank you for your continued support! I will let you all know immediately when I have found a new place to continue what we have started 💖
The order has been extended until May 4th. I am so sorry that pending appointments will have to be declined until after this appointment. Thanks for your understanding during this very stressful and frustrating time. I hope you all are staying healthy and that I can finally see you a month from now. Today, Gov. Inslee extended the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order to May 4. The governor says the fastest way to economic recovery is the recovery of our health. Stay home. Stay healthy. Save lives. The order continues to require everyone to stay at home unless they are pursuing an essential activity, like shopping for groceries, going to a doctor’s appointment or going to work at an essential business. These are unprecedented times and the sacrifice residents have made are clear. But we will get through this together. #WeGotThisWA #COVID19

All grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, food supply chains, and other things necessary for continued operations will continue to remain open. https://coronavirus.wa.gov/whats-open-and-closed

Employment Security phone lines continue to be overwhelmed. Keep trying or try filing online. https://esd.wa.gov/newsroom/retroactive-payments
The order means that the eviction moratorium continues. If you are having problems with a landlord, let the state know: https://fortress.wa.gov/atg/formhandler/ago/COVID19EvictionComplaintForm.aspx

Our team at our state Emergency Operations Center has processed thousands of inquiries looking to be an essential business. If you have more questions, let them know https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/d4c155fa930f4b848f95774d610c9708

There are so many businesses and people staying home and we appreciate everyone’s help. But if you see a business willfully violating the order, report suspected violators at the link. Don’t call 911.

Have questions? Visit http://coronavirus.wa.gov or call 1-800-525-0127 and press #.

Hoy, El gobernador Inslee extendió la orden de «Permanecer en casa y mantener la salud» hasta el 4 de mayo. El gobernador Inslee dice que la manera más rápida de alcanzar recuperación económica es la recuperación de nuestra salud. permanezcan en casa, mantengan la salud. Salven vidas. La orden sigue exigiendo que todos permanezcan en casa a menos que estén llevando a cabo una actividad esencial, como comprar alimentos, ir a una cita médica o ir a trabajar en un negocio esencial. Estos son tiempos sin precedentes y los sacrificios que han hecho los residentes están claros. Pero juntos superaremos esto. #WeGotThisWA
Todas las tiendas de comestibles, farmacias, gasolineras, cadenas de suministro de alimentos y otros lugares necesarios permanecerán abiertos. https://medium.com/bienestarwa
Las líneas telefónicas de Seguridad Laboral siendo inundadas con llamadas. Siga intentando llamar o intente solicitar en línea. https://esd.wa.gov/newsroom/covid-19-coronavirus-info-spanish
La orden significa que la suspensión del desalojo continúa. Informe al estado si tiene problemas con el dueño de la propiedad. https://fortress.wa.gov/atg/formhandler/ago/COVID19EvictionComplaintForm.aspx

Nuestro equipo en el Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia del estado ha procesado miles de consultas que buscan ser un negocio esencial. Si tiene más preguntas, hágales conocer aquí https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/d4c155fa930f4b848f95774d610c9708
¿Tiene preguntas? Visite http://coronavirus.wa.gov o llame al 1-800-525-0127 y presione #. Hay intérpretes disponibles.

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