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[03/24/20]   So as of Wed the 24th Inslee has moved the return to work 1 week longer. That means I can't return to work until the 9th of April.

He has also said this return time could change. Because it's so up in the air when any of us will be allowed to really return to our businesses I am not rescheduling anyone until I have a solid return date. Once I know that date I will schedual your nail appt. I will be working long hrs and lots of overtime to get all my clients in.

I will also be offering 10.00 off a new set as I'm sure you will need one by the time I see you. If your nails are starting to lift please remove them. Soaking them in acitone will remove them. If you need instruction to do this let me know. Lowes carries acitone, it is the same stuff I get in the beauty stores.

Until I know more please have a safe 2 weeks and pray this virus is defeated. ❤
[03/23/20]   I feel like I'm on a trial retirement to see how I'd do. I'm failing miserably at it and I can tell you I'm not cut out to stay at home. I put in way too many hours of cleaning, cooking, painting, gardening.

Work is more my retirement speed. 😄
[03/20/20]   I'm putting this message out to my clients.

As you know I am out of a job at the moment, but if the other beauty professionals do not comply and stay home and wait this out it will only become worse for the rest of us who are complying and I will be out of a job even longer.

This means Mobile and Home services, be it in your home or your clients home. There is no difference between working at your salon and working at home or clients home, catching the virus doesn't care where you are. I really want to go back to work April 1st but those who don't care might stop this from happening. If you go to an underground nailtech you risk.....

1. Getting the virus as I can highly bet you they won't be sanitary like I am.

2. You could risk getting hurt by infection from a nail service.

We are all in this together, we will overcome this. By the grace of God we will overcome this.

If you hear, see, or know of someone in the beauty business offering services at this time just know they don't give two cents about your safty. My suggestion is DON'T go get any services done until the ban has been lifted.

Sure....your nails will be very grown out or even lifting or worse they are gone. But rest assured I will replace them, fix them, make them look better than new. Will it be an inconvenience that your not able to get in when you want? Yes. But you WILL get in. I will work overtime to get my peeps in if that's what it takes.

After I return to work anyone who needs a new set will get a $10.00 off discount. I didn't have to offer this, I choose to offer this because I appreciate my clients who have been faithful and stuck by me through the good and the bad. I appreciate that you have been understanding about the ban that is out of my hands.

Let's pray that we don't have to be banned for any longer or worse under marshal law. But again if that happens it's because other refuse to ignore the bans. But we will be in it together, and after the smoke clears god willing we will be back to normal. ❤
[03/20/20]   So I've been doing clients for the past 2 many dreams. Lol.🤣 I dreamed I had been doing pedicures for 2 days straight. Now, either that's a nightmare or just my inner feelings working this grounding out. Either way I miss my peeps!
[03/19/20]   Went to the salon today and sanitized EVERYTHING in my room from top to bottom. I will continue the sanitation once I return to work and after every client, so please don't be offended when you will still need to use the hand wipes and I'm spraying everything down once you are done. I'm doing this for all of your safty.❤
[03/19/20]   Our beauty industry trying to do the right thing for all.

I had a message from a fellow hairstylist last evening that asked me to reach out to stylist, barbers, nail techs and Esthetician’s.
Please know that I don’t pretend to have the answers but I do know that if we don’t follow the Governors mandate we are taking the chance to make someone ill or even die. We will expose ourselves and everyone else we come into contact to illness or possible loss of life.
In my 40 years in the industry I have never seen anything like what we are experiencing now.
The concern is that people in our industry are not following the mandatory shut down of salons and shops. People can appear healthy and actually have the virus. So we would have no way of knowing if we were being exposed or we were exposing.
If we all don’t self quarantine and lay low for at least a few weeks this nightmare will get worse and not end. We need to stop this virus and the only tool we have is self quarantine. We owe it to our loved ones. We owe it to the first responders as they are risking their life to save us.
We can only hope that life will get back to a new normal. If we don’t stop and do what’s right this can have a devastating affect that we may never recover from. There are to many unknowns with this virus.
Your Clients/guest aren’t going to die because they have outgrow they might die if we don’t adhere to the only tool to save ourselves at this time.
God Bless all my fellow beauty industry service providers.
If your guest want to help you out with your loss of income they could buy a gift certificate from your stylist/ nail tech/ nail artist or Esthetician for when we are pass this nightmare.
[03/17/20]   Unfortunatly I have to close my business for the next 2 weeks. If you are an active client I will be sending you a txt with your next appt. God willing my return date will be April 1st

Thank you!
[03/16/20]   To all my clients. I am still doing business as usual. Yes Inslee has ordered salons to close but we are still way below the gathering amount plus it's not marshal law yet. So I'm still here to do my job ❤
[03/14/20]   I've come to the conclusion that you have to have a sense of humor to get your nails done by me. 🙃
[03/13/20]   As of right now I am still running my nail business. Unless there is an official notice of shutdown aka, marshal law put into place I will continue to come to work.

To be safe though please do not come to me sick. Or if you have been around someone sick or have been out of the country or around anyone who has been out of the country in the last 3 weeks you are fine to get your nails done. I have hand sanitizer wipes at the salon and good old fashion soap and water too.

Dont freak out, get your nails done.❤
[03/07/20]   My business will continue to run as usual even while the Goverment is continuing to polarize the nation with fear. Carona virus is a flu. Remember more people have died from the common flu in a month than they have from this flu.

Wash your hands, do not come to me sick and we will get along just fine.😁

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