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[12/31/20]   To you, my valued clients, and even more important, my friends.

This year has been quite the doozy. We started with high hopes of 2020 being a great year, we learned quickly that 2020 had other plans and we were apart for 3 months. This year has shown me to not take the little things for granted. You see, I thoroughly enjoy my time with each of you. I didn’t realize how much I loved hearing about your weekend, what’s going on at your work, how your dating life is going, how your kids or grandkids are doing, or what new hobby you got into, until it was taken away. I told many people, Yes I’m happy to get back to earning an income, but I’m most excited to see my clients again. A popular word in 2020 is essential and you ARE essential in my life and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you. This year we have laughed together, cried together, stressed, worried, and celebrated together. 2020 marks 8 years of being a Nail Tech for me. I couldn’t have done it without you, nor would I want to. You are what makes me want to come to work every day and there are not enough words in the universe to thank you for all you have given me over the years. Some of you call yourselves my 2nd Grandma, some of you I look up to like I do my mom, some of you have become my friend or sister, some of you I’m just getting to know. I treasure our relationship.
I'm thankful that you have stuck with me through this dumpster fire of a year, and I love you beyond measure.
Cheers to 2021.
[12/30/20]   The snow has finally arrived. ❄️❄️
Just a reminder to give your self plenty of time to make it to your appointment on time, if you feel unsafe driving or don’t think you can make it in, please get ahold of me!

Also just a quick reminder that even though the front door is unlocked, we still ask you to text/call when you arrive in the parking lot and wait for the go ahead to enter the salon, as we can not have people in the waiting room.

Stay Warm, Stay Healthy and Drive safe!!
🦃🎄✨Just in time for the holidays, I’m now accepting new clients for Tuesday-Friday day time appointments, unfortunately evenings are booked.
Message me if you are interested! Services and pricing below!

Full set $45+
Fill $35+
(+ is based on length)
Gel polish $30
Pedicure $35
Gel pedicure $50
Gel toes $20
All nail art/chrome $1 per nail
Corona fashion.
Thank you to all my clients for a fantastic first week back, feels good to be doing nails again!
Nude was a popular color today!
Can’t wait to see all my clients next week!

I’m back and giving everyone pretty nails again!!
I think I’ve got everyone scheduled, if I missed you or you would like to get on my books please message me!

Just a reminder of what to expect at the salon

- Since it'll be over 8 weeks since I've seen you last, I will be scheduling extra time to appts for full sets and such. Because I will be adding time to each appointment, I will be scheduling less clients in a day as a result.

I am keeping my prices the same as we ease back into life.
* acrylic full sets - $45 and up
* gel polish - $30
* pedicures - $35
If you have found away to keep your nails up during this time away from the salon, I ask that you please remove any of that product completely before you come to your appointment.

- If you feel you may have ANY symptoms of COVID-19 or aren’t feeling well (cold, flu, cough, fever, tummy bug... etc) please call or text me so we can reschedule. This is not up for discussion. Please be honest if you have any symptoms, if you come in and I feel you are not well, you will be asked to leave and you will be charged as a no show.

- Going forward, for the health of your family and mine, I would really appreciate no child(ren) joining us for your appointment

- Due to phase 2 guidelines, I will ask you to please bring a mask and wear it during your appointment (I will be doing the same) if you show up without a mask I will have some at a $3 charge.

- Clients will be asked to wash their hands before every appointment

-When you get to the salon please stay in your car and call me to let me know you are here. There will be no waiting area so I will let you know when it’s okay to enter the salon.
Today I brushed up on my Sanitation and Disinfection guildlines with a course from Barbicide. In addition to that, I took an extra course specifically for COVID-19.
I’m ready and excited to get back in the salon and to continue my already high expectations for cleanliness.

Thanks to all my clients for your support and patience through these crazy times. Miss you guys so much!
We miss you!
Still no confirmed date back, but once I get word I’ll be reaching out to all of you to get you scheduled!! ᗯe ᗰiᔕᔕ yoᑌ! ☀️

#salonfamily #true_colors_salon_spokane
[04/03/20]   Well folks. I don’t have any good news. Governor Inslee extended the work ban until May 4th. Which means my first day back will by May 5th. Hopefully.
Just a reminder, I’m not scheduling or rescheduling at this time due to the uncertainty of when exactly we will be able to work again.
When I have a guaranteed date of return is when I’ll start diving into my schedule.
I hope you’re all well. I miss you so much.
I miss you guys! 💕
How’s everyone doing?
Staying busy? I’m running out of things to do lol
Here’s some tips on how to remove your gel or acrylic at home. Drop a picture of your nails in the comments.
[03/17/20]   Valued clients and friends,

Due to Gov Inslee’s most recent announcement, unfortunately I am unable to provide nail services for the next two weeks.

We will see how this unfolds as the weeks progress. If you have questions please call or text and I will do my best to answer!
This completely breaks my heart.

Thank you all for understanding. You are all appreciated 🥰
Stay healthy and safe!
[03/12/20]   Hey Clients!
Just a friendly PSA!
If you are sick, please reschedule your appointment.
If you come to the salon sick, unfortunately I will not be able to preform your scheduled service and we will reschedule when you are feeling better.
My health and your health are so important to me. I wish to maintain a clean, healthy environment for all of my clients so that everyone stays safe!
Thank you for your cooperation! I appreciate all of you!
Hello Clients!
I hope you’re all enjoying your fall!
Due to the rising cost in my business I have decided to make some changes regarding my prices. Below is my new price list. Some things have changed and some haven’t.
Dates to be aware of...
🍁New pricing in effect immediately for all new/returning clients
🍁Starting November 1st all Nail art will be an up charge.
🍁Starting December 1st all new pricing will be in effect for current clients
All of this information will also be posted in my room.
Please contact me if you have any further questions!
I cherish and appreciate all of you, and I hope you can understand this change
I love being a part of my friends special day!!
Happy Wedding week 💕💕
Amen 🙌🏻
Just a reminder!

#washyourhands #bleachwipesaremyfriend
Y’all know I’m a one color manicure type of lady, well, as I was doing my nails today I decided to spruce it up with a little bit of marbling! So fun 💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻
🌸For the first time in a long time, I’m now accepting new clients! I have a handful of spots open waiting to be filled by YOU!
-No evening spots available
-Saturday openings are limited
-Mid day availability preferred

🌸Current clients!
As always, if you refer someone to me and they schedule/show up you get $10 off your next appointment! So remember to have them tell me who sent them.

🌸PSA for all clients:
My Schedule for the holidays is open and filling up fast. Secure your spot before it’s to late, Nobody likes to miss out on holiday nails!
Some foil nails for Miss Janee!!
[05/01/19]   Live in 5!!
[04/30/19]   Last day of the Book Drive!! I will be going live hopefully around 630-7 to give a final book count and draw the winner of the pamper basket! Thank you to everyone who has donated!!!
Book box update! The book count is around 50 books, SO AWESOME! With about 5ish days left in the drive, there’s still so much room left in the box. Can we fill it to the top?
Bring your books by the salon or if you can’t make it to the salon get a hold of me and I’ll come pick them up from you! New books only please!
Donate to an great cause and you could be the one walking away with the pamper basket. So many stellar ladies are already in the drawing!
Happy World Book Day!!
Here’s the Bookshelf at Sacred Heart.
I’m so Thankful to all that have donated so far!
7 days left in my book drive, you still have lots of time to bring in your brand new books for the bookshelf!! On #WorldBookDay we recognize Isaac's Bookshelf. After experiencing the loss of their son, Isaac, parents Cody and Laura designed and donated a bright, cheerful rolling cart to provide a book to every child in the pediatric ICU, where they spent so much time. By making sure children of all ages have access to books, they have opened up a million worlds outside the pediatric ICU for young minds to wander and explore while receiving medical care.
The book box is filling up, but still has lots of extra space! Don’t forget to bring your Brand new books in to be enter for the Spa basket drawing (you don’t want to miss out on this basket, I want to keep it lol it’s that good)
The Book box for Issac’s Bookshelf now has 10 books in it! I’m so thankful for those who have donated so far! Don’t forget that for each book you bring in, your name gets put into a drawing for a pamper gift basket!
I’m running the book drive till the end of the month to make sure each of you get the chance to donate! Let’s fill this box up so that all those awesome kiddos get the chance to experience the joy of reading!!
* Brand new books only please *
Spring is in the air!
The book box got its first 4 books today!!
I can’t wait to see this thing filled up.
Don’t forget, Brand New books of all kinds are welcome, Ages 0-17yrs, picture books, chapter books, Braille books, books in other languages!
Big Thanks to my Client Lori for her donation today! 📚💕

FYI- Shopko is going out of business, all their books are on sale!
It’s Book Drive Time!!
I’ve shared with most of my clients about what I’ll be doing over the next month, but just in case I haven’t gotten to you yet here’s the run down!

For the month of April I will be doing a Book Drive for Issac’s BookShelf!
Issac’s BookShelf is an organization that wants to make sure each kiddo in the hospital gets to experience the joy of reading!
The Bookshelf rolls around the PICU at Sacred Heart and each patient gets to pick a book to enjoy while they’re in the hospital and then take it home with them!

If you would like to participate, please bring a Brand new book, age range 0-17yrs to your next appointment.
To ensure the safety of all the patients, they ask that all donated books be Brand New.
In return for your generous donation each book you bring me gets your name put into a drawing for a fabulous pamper gift basket! All the things you need for an at home spa day, plus some extra goodies 🌸

If you have any more questions please call or direct message me and I’d be happy to answer them!

To Learn more about the Book shelf and stay tuned to what they’re doing click the link below and follow them on Facebook!!
Y’all know this is me and Trevor!
He so wishes I’d keep my nails short, but that’s just not how I live my life 💅🏻
[01/04/19]   💕PLEASE READ💕

To my Valued clients,
We’re starting the year off a little rocky with late cancels and no shows. I just wanted to take a second to remind everyone of my policies.
Your appointments are important to me and are reserved especially for you. I understand life happens and things come up that may be out of your control. But if you can, I respectfully request a 24hr notice if you need to cancel. When you late cancel or no show I miss out on the opportunity to fill that spot with another client. As I am self employed, all appointments times in my day are important. I am always willing to call or text with a reminder the day before at your request.
Last minute cancellations and no shows are subject to a fee.

Less the 24hr cancel- 50% of scheduled service.
No show- 100% of scheduled service.

I appreciate all of you and want to thank you for your cooperation and understanding!
[01/03/19]   Happy 2019! I’ve had such a bad social media presence over the last year. With the start of this new year I’m going to try and be better!! Thanks to all my clients who made 2018 another great year, love you all! Here we go, 2019! 💕💕💕
[04/04/17]   Spring is here!!! Hallelujah!
But With spring comes the nice weather and I'd just like to take a second and remind everyone of what my cancellation policy is, as it is becoming an issue again. Your appointments are important to me and are reserved especially for you. I do understand that schedules change and emergencies happen but I respectfully ask that if you can, to give me 24hr notice if you need to change your appointment. Last minute cancellations and no shows are subject to a cancellation fee.
Less then 24hr notice will be charged 50% of the scheduled service, and No Shows will be charged 100% of scheduled service, those fees will be attached to your next scheduled service. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, I appreciate it and you!! ❤️❤️

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