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I have an opening available October 2nd 2pm message me
Beautifull fall lash colors available, I'm now booking new clients, with Vagaro.com
Classic, Volume, Wispy, Black, or Color, your lashes your way. @s- sx
Love the Dramatic look of a Megga Volume, #specialize #meggaVolume
#The fuller the better.
Got my light hung love it. @ Spokane Valley, Washington
Tape inner corners, to help reach them smaller guys.
What's your number.
Now back in stock.
Lovely new set of Megga Volume lashes, Before & After
#meggaVolume #Eyelashsuppliespokanevally
#Eyelashes @ Spokane Valley, Washington
Spokane Valley
#eyewearfashion #eyelasheasyfan
#thickeyelashes #longlashes #eyelashesextension @ DigitZ $ LasheZ
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#Open , #meggaVolume #eyelashexstentions
If it was this easy everyone would have lashes.
I miss Red Robin's sweet potato fries Yum.
Dont forget to rebook your D curt lashes ladies.I book up fast.
I'm like that is not a fill, Sorry Full Canvas.
DigitZ $ LasheZ's cover photo
DigitZ $ LasheZ
DigitZ $ LasheZ's cover photo
This Jelly set turned out beautifully.
#acrylicnails, #covidpicmeup, #coronavirustakethis.
What's available, Not everyones set will look the same.
Megga Volume, Starburst Style. Fabulous Megga Volume Starburst fill, client was 4 weeks out.
Before Corona Virus & After Covid.
With Lash Hair, Nail, Salons, Ulta, Saphora, Malls all closing my mask will come of and I might scare my nan right out of the house. Lol.
I found this thought I would share
Dont forget to book ahead,
Hollywood Hybird, Color always available.
I thought I would post this for my ladies looking to hold out and stay at home away from this scary situation.
I am going to put together a Covid19
Special for for everyone taking a break
And playing safe.
I am still taking clients during this difficult Corona Virus out break. I'm taking every precaution to keep you and I safe. If you are feeling symptomatic, reschedule. Remember I have a no show fee so 12 hrs in advance please.
Propper eyelash care is very important,
Using makeup damages your lashes even using mascara on the bottom lashes. Here is a person that uses powder and bottom mascara. Theese can not be saved.
Book the set you desire.
My Valentine's flowers so beautiful.
Y Or I call them weave lashes so pretty.
Full Sets $145. 2wk fill $45.

Now available at DigitZ & LasheZ.
With fluff gaurd you can clean lashes any time anywhere. Spritz brush go. Lovely clean fluffy lashes like day one.
After Shampoo Drying is important for getting your lashes fluffy again. Now available at DigitZ & LasheZ as well as Lash Shampo/Brush and Lash Fluff spray.
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