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Hot pink #biosculpturegel art set. #seattlenails @biosculptureusa #gailbond
Simple autumn design in Shellac Lady Lilly and White Wedding. Layering similar colors can be a nice way to introduce toned down art.
I’m in the salon Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, 10-6. We are limiting the salon to one tech and one client at a time and leaving windows open, for maximum safety.
Here’s my #tonkinese baby. You can find her ... I’m really loving these Shutterfly items.
Confused about the difference between sanitizing, disinfecting, and sterilizing? Check out my latest blog post, aimed to keep you safe at work!
I’m not using my phone in the salon these days, so I won’t have many new images of nails. In the meantime, here’s something I made about my metamour’s cat.
Welcome to the new salon safety. #safestart #phase2 #seattlesalon #seattlenails
Reopening Guidelines: Our COVID-19 Salon Plan — Pink Tanuki Nails Are you curious how we’re handling COVID-19 safety? Do you have an upcoming appointment with me? Please look at my blog post all about our COVID-19 Salon Plan: On Monday, Leila and I returned to the salon to discuss adjustments, go through processes, and finalize our COVID-19 Salon Plan. As you can see from the previous posts, there will be many adjustments. I am going to walk you through our plan, including content from the previous parts in this series,
Reopening Guidelines: Client Responsibilities — Pink Tanuki Nails Ok friends, it looks like our opening date is upon us. If you have a pressing need for nail services, check out the post below, look at my updated service info, and request your appointment. I have availability starting the 15th. This is part one of a three part series. As personal services, nail salons are included in Phase 2 of Washington state’s reopening plans. While it is still unclear when King County will move to Phase 2, we want our clients to be prepared. To help everyone understand what they can expect, I’m pos... So, King County didn’t move into Phase 2 on the first, but has applied for an adjustment to Phase 1 which would allow salons to reopen. The most relevant information for salons specifically is on pages 20-21.
I’m so excited about these new magnetic gels from @biosculptureusa. I think probably I will get the red, blue and one of the purples. Which purple should I get? Warm or cool? #evogel #biosculpturegel #seattlenails
Wondering how to properly trim your nails? Check out my blog post for a step by step:
Drawing by me! #homecare #toenails #nailcare
The #tuftedjay inspired by #tompalmore portraits. #handpaintednailart #stampednailart #corvid19 #audobonsociety #shellac @cndworld #hpgelpaints @biosculptureusa
I hope you are all doing your part and wearing a mask outside of your home! When we reopen, we can match your nails to your favorite one! #covid_19 #sevillemask #handpainted #cndshellac @cndworld #evogelpaint @biosculptureusa
New Caledonian Crow, genius. A portrait inspired by the art of Tom Palmore. #handpaintednailart #corvid19 #tompalmore #audobonsociety #seattlenails
[05/04/20]   Hello everyone! I have been using my time at home to revise my website. It’s the same address, now with improved content! I’ve started a blog, where I’m working to keep you all updated on salon information, providing tips for home nail and skin care, and will be posting In depth information about products and services I offer in the salon. Please comment if you have questions or topics you would like me to address, and let me know if you find anything unclear, so I can fix it. Thanks!
#handpainted #crows #corvid19 #meiji #seattleartmuseum #seattlenails @biosculptureusa #evogelpaint
[03/16/20]   My dearest clients,

As many of you know, I recently left Pediworx. I'm am now working at Leila Klein at 3rd and Stewart. That said, both Leila and I have decided that the most responsible choice at this time is to close the salon until the situation has stabilized. With the call for closing restaurants, health clubs, and entertainment businesses, it seems only prudent to close the salon as well. As always, my top priority is my clients', community, and personal health.
Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or a pressing issue. I am happy to discuss any hand, foot, or logistical questions. You are welcome to text or email me. If you would like to talk on the phone, definitely leave me a voicemail if I don't answer.
If you have an existing appointment that you would like to keep, please let me know, and we can discuss it.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe and healthy!
[03/05/20]   Today is my last day at Pediworx. I've been here for nearly 6 years and managing the salon for a few of those. It feels really bittersweet. I am excited for my next chapter, and sad to say goodbye to the salon I've called home for so long and amazing clients I've been able to work with here.

If you have been trying to book with me online and haven't found an available appointment, this is why! You can find appointments with me at Leila Klein, on 3rd and Stewart. I'm starting there on Sunday, with a slightly reduced schedule of Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, from 10-6.
#marblenails #seattlenails @biosculptureusa
#shellacpedicure #waterlesspedicure #drypedicure @cndworld
@biosculptureusa #seattlenails
People always ask what kind of brush I use. Here it is, together with my palette of Evo HP gel paints. @biosculptureusa #handpainted #seattlenails
Competing jays! Here in Seattle, the California Scrub Jay (formerly the Western Scrub Jay) is pushing out our native Stellar's Jay. @biosculptureusa #seattlenails #audobonsociety #handpainted
Raindrops on matte shimmer @biosculptureusa #seattlenails
#shortnails #seattlenails @biosculptureusa
Nail-biter refresh. See the before with weeks old gel still perfectly intact. If you want longer nails, growing your own is a great way to go. I can help shepherd you through. @biosculptureusa #nailbiter #seattlenails
Nude and silver #seattlenails @biosculptureusa
@cndworld #shellacmanicure #seattlenails
His and hers unicorn #shellacpedicure @cndworld #handpainted #seattlenails
Ready for spring @cndworld #shellacmanicure #seattlenails
Subtle abstract #shellacmanicure @cndworld #seattlenails

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