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Happy Mother's Day to all my ladies!!!!!!
Is Everyone ready for summer? Beach time!!!
Notpolish She's so cute!!! Em bé gái này rất là dễ thương💅🏻😁😂

When you get a manicure and instantly regret your colour choices 💅😭
Acrylic 3D flowers for Spring. Love our customer!!!
" I'll be the gladdest thing under the sun.
I'll touch a hundred flowers and not pick one " ~ Edna St Vincent Millay .

Acrylic full set for our lovely lady.
Acrylic full set with black sugar design.
Elegant Nails
Acrylic full set and spring designs for our lovely lady.
Pretty toe nails ready for Spring Season.
Acrylic full set with gel matte design. Please check in at Elegant Nails!!! Have a wonderful weekend to all my lovely customers!!!!!!
Girls have fun with rose design on toes for celebrate friendship 8 years and forever.
Bag of gold for Patrick's day
Valentine's day is coming!!! Making something sweets .
Dipping natural fullset with glow in dark color and gel design.
Elegant Nails
Dipping fullset with glow in dark poweders .Tried to hide under table to see glow color . :D
Elegant Nails
Black roses for winter! :D
New Year is right around the corner! Can't wait for the countdown!!!!!
Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!!!!!
Snow for Christmas !!!
Elegant Nails
Everybody is ready yet?
Christmas's coming ! Come to Elegant Nails get pretty and healthy nails for holiday!
Dipping powder set with polka dot for rainy day. Love our customers!!!
Elegant Nails
How's cool nails shell gel design ! Come to check in at Elegant Nails .
Elegant Nails
Matte on chrome with rain drops for rainy season.
Dipping with mood changing gel and stamp design. Come check it out. Hope to se you there.
Elegant Nails's cover photo
Elegant Nails's cover photo
Elegant Nails
Cool nails are ready for Fall. Dipping powder with gel.
Look how beautiful ! Ready for our Pretty girl is going to casino.
How are my nails turn out with mood color, chrome and dream catcher design.

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