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[05/09/16]   Well ladies, this morning it became official that my family is moving to the Tri-Cities. Thank you all for the support while I was here, you were all amazing and definitely gave my first year one to remember. Thank you 😘
[04/06/16]   Well ladies even if baby was good and I was able to come back. I had to go and fall and twist my ankle last week. Can't walk or drive. Darn it!
[03/07/16]   Well ladies I'm at the hospital!!! My water has broke!!!
[02/12/16]   Appointments are becoming minimal. If you are a regular client please message me to book out your appointments before my official leave! Few more weeks ladies and my little one will be here. March 12th is my last day for appointments at the salon.
[01/20/16]   I have 2 appointments left for next week!
[01/14/16]   Don't forget if you have gotten your nails done to write a review! You get 15% off your next service! People like feed back so let's give them feedback:)
My Clients are awesome!
[01/14/16]   Who is getting Valentine's Day nails during February? It's my favorite month and I love the nails for February💕 post some pics of nails designs you have found or want!!
[12/17/15]   For the month of January $10 off a gel polish Mani and $5 off Acrylic service!!!! Don't forget to mention this post to receive the discount 💕

BB nails. "Nails by Belle Brooks"

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