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CND - Creative Nail Design Our NEW holiday collection, #CNDCocktailCouture: lineup includes: festive fiery Devil Red; a rich crimson red, Bordeaux Babe; a cool berry-red, How Merlot; an elegant burgundy, Drama Queen; a gleaming Get That Gold and a shimmering aqua-green, She’s A Gem!
Get that Gold A NEW gleaming Get That Gold, brought to you by our holiday collection, #CNDCocktailCouture. Available in CND Shellac and CND Vinylux.
Christmas Magic A shimmering aqua-green, She’s A Gem! brought to you by our holiday collection, #CNDCocktailCouture. Available in CND Shellac and CND Vinylux.
L'anza Healing Hair Color & Care The power streak. ⚡

'90s trend by: Julie Epple Hair
Fall Hair is here
Call and get yours today Happy first day of fall! 🍁

Color by Beauty By Mel @hairbymelrose The Mullet is Back: Styling Tips for 2020 “The mullay is shorter on the top and sides with a longer back, like a traditional mullet, but what makes it modern and gives it commercial value is the degree of softness, longer length, soft disconnection and texture throughout.”
Tones of a Colorist Which sweet treat would you like today? 🍦🍯🍪 @samanthasbeautyconfessions #beautylaunchpad
Winn Claybaugh There are some awesome people out there Here is something positive to lead you into the anonymous customer tips his barber $2,500 and another $3,300 for the staff.
William Whatley The New Normal
PinkPro Beauty Supply You can never go wrong with mint for spring. 🌿 Find CND - Creative Nail Design #MagicalTopiary in the new #CNDEnglishGarden collection.

Are you swooning over this collection like we are? 😍💅🏻 #FindYourBeautyHere #CNDWorld #ManiMonday
We want to avoid hair color correction from the box store color kits as much as possible !! We offer :
“Haircolor Extender Kits”
to go! Cost is $35
(Which gets you by in-between your color appointments).

Customized to your specification

Give us a call to order your custom color kit today !!!

REDAVID Salon Products Now more than ever, small businesses everywhere need our help as a community. Support local salons, spas and other businesses, remembering that buying from them locally MATTERS locally. It pays bills, puts food on tables, helps them care for their family and themselves. These aren't multi billion dollar CEOs, they're our neighbors and friends. Share the love...we're all in this together. ❤️
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New Shades of Color for the CND Spring Collection 2020
Kenra Professional Wow Beautiful and easy ❤️! We can't get enough of these twists and braids! @erinvryser used @kenraprofessional Volume Dry Shampoo to instantly refresh the hair at the roots for the perfect foundation for styling. Then finished with Volume Spray 25 for a strong hold.

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All-Nutrient By supporting your local stylist, you are supporting your community.

Think small this weekend and make a big difference!

Sam Villa Professional Congratulations Sam There has been so much coverage of this incredible honor. I am so honored to be the first recipient to receive this award. Honestly, it's overwhelming and it's all because of YOU! #humbled
Sam Villa Professional Sunday Funnies: Well isn't that the truth!
A Change of Confidence facing the new year of 2020
Hattori Hanzo Shears Loving this quick technique that Presley uses with her HHP! Check out what she had to say about it • @presleypoe: Need a shortcut to take out lots of bulk and create lengths from sort to long in one go?! Here’s ur answer!! This babe was getting a pixie with longer bits around the face so u set the shape before tailoring it. 💕
Relaxing salt caves #348 - Discover the Himalayan salt cave at Flow Motion located in Ferndale, Washington. The salt cave is crafted floor-to-ceiling of Himalayan salt boulders. The floor is covered with crushed pebble-size salt and features an infrared-heated salt floor. You can relax in a zero-gravity recliner or bury yourself in the salt for therapeutic relief. Salt caves feature soft ambient light that illuminates all the beautiful shades of pink salt. (Photo via Flow Motion, LLC)
Ruth Roche Blow drying your curtain fringe TREND ALERT🚨The 70’s brought their best #style back with FLAIR.
#curtainfringe 🙌🏻

If you haven’t been convinced just yet, allow us to elaborate why you might want to hop on the curtain #fringe bandwagon!

Versatility! There’s not just one way to wear a fringe. This style complements everyone!
Wear them longer for more boho style or cut them shorter for more flair!

STAY TUNED>> tomorrow we have a BRAND NEW video going up on 3 WAYS TO CUT & WEAR a curtain fringe!
#samvillahair blow dryer and tools always 🙌🏻 #redken Guts 10 and Glow dry for smooth, shiny #style!
SalonCentric “Can you show me the product you’re using so I can get it off Amazon?” It’s a cute question from our clients trying to save money – but next time they do that please show them this amazing visual from our girl @jessicascotthair: “🚨Please DO NOT buy professional products on Amazon, Target, or Walmart etc.... Do you really think a $3 shampoo is going to help your hair❓Or after spending $100 plus on a coloring service at the Salon will help protect your color❓Have you ever thought that buying a professional product at Rite-Aid is actually the same product inside❓Can Walmart products tell you better than your Stylist what exact products you need for your hair ❓The answer is NO! Also, there are some clients out there that get their hair professionally done that constantly complain about their hair being frizzy, maybe not the healthiest, hair fades fast, etc... 🚨Please listen to your stylist! They know what’s best for your hair. The products that are professional will last 2-3 times as long if using it right and they only want the best for your Hair! ✨TAG a FRIEND✨#jessicascotthair”
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Love this Blonding education with Hair By Chrissy Danielle! "I’ve got blondes + blends for days and endless ways to get there⚠️ read below for techniques ⬇️✨⠀

✖️ BABY LIGHTS - micro-fine highlights, leaving little to no hair in between.⠀
✖️ BABY LIGHTS + ROOT TAP - micro-fine highlights, finished with a baby tap at the root, this is very minimal, maybe a half-inch!⠀
✖️ SHADOW ROOT - used to melt out foil lines, a shadow should be at least 1-1/2” deep.⠀
✖️ COLOR MELT - root shadow + gloss done all in one process, meant to seamlessly blend.⠀
✖️ DRY ROOT MELT - done on dry hair to add more depth and a deeper root, 2” or more.⠀
✖️ BALAYAGE IN FOILS - balayage with a foil layed on top for maximum lift.⠀
✖️ OPEN AIR BALAYAGE - painted balayage, open-air, for a softer lift.⠀
✖️ REVERSE BALAYAGE - melting out the root and adding lows to blend back to natural depth."
Hairbrained We’ll be watching this all day 🤯 @madina_gozellik_salonu_
SalonCentric 🚨 Say it louder for the ppl in the back!! 🚨 Friendly reminder from @korimtemkin that should be shared with all clients 💕“
🚨Have you ever had a stylist say no to you because you have box dye in your hair? Have you ever wondered what makes box dye so bad? Let’s unpack this!🚨
💥To put it as simply as I can for my non hairdresser followers, the difference between a box and a professional tube of color comes down to what’s in it. When you come to a salon, your stylist has a whole range of colors and developers that range in different levels of ammonia and other chemicals used to lift/color the hair. With a box, they want as many people as possible to get “results”, so they put the HIGHEST levels of these chemicals that they can. This means even if you use black or a dark color, they’re using the same chemicals made to lighten the hair, which you DONT need, especially when you’re going dark. What happens after that color is in your hair? Because the chemicals are stronger, they’re jammed way harder in to your hair and end up staining your hair at it’s core. Imagine I dump a latte and a cup of plain coffee on to a white carpet. Which one is going to come out easier? The more diluted one, NOT the stronger one!
💥Now let’s talk about goals! We’ve all gone dark before to turn around and want to go light again. That’s okay!! But let’s go back to the carpet. If I dump one cup of coffee on the carpet, it may never be pure white again, but we could get it close over time. NOW imagine I dump 5 cups of coffee over the same piece of carpet and just let it sit. Have fun cleaning it then! 😂 This applies with hair too. I’ve seen miracles work, and I’ve gotten people light eventually with box in their hair. But this takes a lot of time and a lot of $$$! These people tend to be extremely serious about their goal and are willing to cut their hair, pay a lot of money, and spend a lot of time with me. If you’re unwilling to do those things, let’s have a reasonable goal! Reds, caramel, different shades of brown, and dark purple are a couple shades that are more reasonable AND super beautiful!! Blondes don’t have the most fun healthy beautiful hair does!
Mane Attraction Salon and Spa
Here we are Paul and Susan November 2015 John Paul Dejoria
So Yummy Look no further - this is the gingerbread house of your dreams! 🏠🎄🎅
For recipe and instructions, click here:
Ruth Roche Martin always made me smile... How could you not when you were around him??
Throughout my entire career We both travelled the show circuit, and I got to know him over the years. When I started my own brand, RARE in 2001, many times our sales booths would be right next to each other, both selling DVD’s and other things. We had a camaraderie and a mutual respect for one another.
A gentleman through and through, he always had a smile and a hug for me, and he always made me feel special. When I got to watch him on stage he was magical. Magic hands. Magic presence. Just magic. I hosted Martin for a few workshops at RARE in Tribeca, and it was an honor to have him in our space!
I will never forget him. His contribution to our industry is so vast it’s hard to get my head around it. SO MUCH of how we do long hair is because of Martin’s expertise and talent! So much!!!
Martin thank you for the incredible gifts you have given to our industry, for your passion and dedication to helping us learn. You will be forever remembered and missed! ❤️❤️❤️
#hair #legendaryhaircut #legend #love #hairlove #martinparsons #martinparsonseducation
Sad to say one of our pioneers of our industry has passed on he has left great education and opportunities for all of us Passing of Martin Parsons

It is with great sadness that I must announce the passing of my brother, Martin Parsons. He passed peacefully in Toronto on October 21, 2019 with his family and friends by his side.

From the age of 11 Martin knew that he wanted to be was a hairdresser. Our aunt took him to his first hair show in Detroit to see the Zegarelli Brothers with Beaute Craft and from that moment on he realized he wanted to be on stage. As soon as he could he enrolled with Bruno’s Schools in London Ontario and his journey began.

Always looking the part in his impeccable tailored suits as he walked out on stage, his audiences always knew they were in for a great experience. His hands had the grace and elegance of a champion figure skater, magically creating stunning styles in just minutes. And then there were his gowns! His creativity knew no bounds. With professionalism and focus he would deliver his consistent message, “We are in the greatest industry and get to create beauty everyday of our lives. Who else can touch so many people in our communities? Stand up and be proud to be a hairdresser!”.

In classes, Martin was proudest when sharing his Cutting & Design Techniques and Updo Concepts with so many and was thrilled when the “a ha” moments from those that attended. His patience and encouragement to young and old, inspired multiple generations of stylists to be better at their craft, everyday. Whether a picture, a chat, answer to a question or just a hug, he was always real and genuine to everyone he met.

Martin crossed paths with many people that had an impact on his life and career and two stand out. Evelyn Hathaway from Bruno’s saw and nurtured his talents and gave him his first tastes of the stage and Paula Kent Meehan, founder of Redken who gave him true friendship and the opportunities of a lifetime. To all the others, thank you for believing in Martin. It meant the world to him and he never forgot who you are.

His hope is that we all take a few minutes each day to share ideas and help our fellow stylists to make our industry a little better every day. That would make him smile.

Martin will be missed by many from around the world. He was proud of a career that gave him an incredible life and I was so honoured and lucky to be one of the people to share the adventure with him.

Kent Parsons
REDAVID Salon Products While long hair is in for autumn, growing out a bob can make the transition in seasons just as elegant. We love Kaley Cuoco in this natural looking ombre bob. With light and breezy waves, it's a fun casual look that needs little more than some Volumizer and Orchid Oil Treatment to look luxe.

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