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[01/16/14]   Have you ever experienced severe pain during a massage? If there's inflammation in the area being massaged, it can cause extreme sensitivity to touch. Just let us know if something hurts and we'll work around it.
[01/14/14]   Did you know that getting a therapeutic massage can actually help improve your posture? Since poor posture can cause muscles to tense, getting a massage will help relax your muscles into a more natural state.
[01/09/14]   Remember, you're always in complete control during your massage. While some people prefer to remove their clothing, others don't. Whatever makes you most comfortable is going to make for the most effective massage.
[01/07/14]   There are different techniques used in massage. One of them, effleurage, involves light to medium pressure. It is the preferred technique to use when oils or lotion cannot be employed because of allergies, sensitivity, or body area.
[01/02/14]   So where does the term "Reiki" come from? It's actually composed of two Japanese words: "Rei," meaning "God's wisdom," and "Ki," which refers to the life force energy in the body.
[12/31/13]   What type of massage practice combines hydrotherapy with shiatsu massage? Watsu massage. Watsu is a newer type of massage which is performed with the masseuse and the client in a shallow bath of water to promote beneficial therapeutic effects on the body and mind.
[12/26/13]   Pehr Henrik Ling, Swedish physical therapist and gymnastics instructor - and known as the "father of Western massage" - wrote, "We ought not to consider the organs of the body as the lifeless forms of mechanical mass, but as the living, active instruments of the soul."
[12/24/13]   Did you know that the quality of your circulation is directly related to the number of white blood cells created to fight disease? Since getting a massage increases circulation, it also gives a needed boost to your body's defenses.
[12/19/13]   The massage technique petrissage involves kneading, grasping, and squeezing muscle, and it is typically performed on limbs and the neck. It is not common for use on the back because oils make grasping the muscles difficult.
[12/17/13]   So how does massage therapy improve your circulation? The pressure from the therapist actually forces blood to move through congested areas, allowing new blood to flow in and resulting in improved function.
[12/12/13]   What is a Swedish massage? This type of massage is a gentle and luxurious form of massage which focuses on deep circular movements along the skin combined with kneading and tapping to promote whole body relaxation.
[12/10/13]   Some insurance policies have provisions allowing massage treatment for different injuries or conditions. We work with most major providers and we will help you with the necessary paperwork for covered treatment.
[12/05/13]   Contrary to public perception, a client does not necessarily have to undress for a treatment session. Depending on the need, clothing may be worn during the massage, especially for massage that targets the limbs and extremities.
[12/03/13]   Different types of massage have arisen in specific cultures, all with their own unique characteristics and effects. For example, Hilot massage, which focuses on relaxing muscles, originated from the Philippines and Shiatsu massage, which incorporates acupressure points, originated in Japan.
[11/28/13]   If you've undergone surgery, therapeutic massage can be a beneficial part of your recovery process. In fact, massage has been shown to reduce post-surgery adhesions and swelling.
[11/26/13]   Did you know that stress can actually decrease the efficiency of your immune system, making you more prone to illness? Getting a massage can help relieve stress and boost your immune system.
[11/21/13]   No matter what your dedication to athletic activity - weekend warrior or serious competitor - massage treatment can be a tremendous benefit. Massage therapy will help reduce recovery time, and ease muscle pain.
[11/19/13]   We are not an alternative to proper medical care. Rather, we are complementary to it, and our massage therapy is a recognized mode of treatment for strains, sprains, and other injuries.
[11/14/13]   Massage has long been recognized as a complementary treatment for a variety of conditions and illnesses. This includes anything from sport-related injuries to cancer treatment.
[11/12/13]   Did you know that massage treatment can help enhance your performance and endurance when it comes to sports? These targeted treatments seek to improve the texture, flexibility, and strength of healthy soft tissue.
[11/07/13]   Did you know that massage was offered as a medical service for the first time during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta? Athletes can benefit from massage in a number of ways, particularly massages which can help to reduce sports injuries like Sports and Trigger point massage.
[11/05/13]   Therapeutic massage has been shown to help relieve high blood pressure. In fact, after treatment patients experience lower diastolic blood pressure, anxiety, and stress hormones.
[10/31/13]   In corrective massage, the practitioner works to correct an issue in the soft tissue that is causing pain or restriction of motion (such as a knot or tendonitis). Often this will help relax the muscles and relieve chronic pain.
[10/29/13]   Massage therapy is one of the oldest treatments and remedies for a variety of physical ailments and conditions. As part of a holistic approach, it provides a safe alternative for healing.
[10/24/13]   If you are seeking massage therapy, but have a special condition (pregnant, chronically ill, physically challenged, or other), we have received dedicated training in these areas in order to deliver safe and effective treatment.
[10/22/13]   Did you know that many experts believe that up to 90% of disease is stress-related? Regular massage treatments can help you manage the stress and anxiety caused by daily life.
[10/17/13]   Has it been so long since you've had a good night sleep that you forgot what it was like? Try a massage. Since massages boost serotonin levels in the body and relax you, your insomnia may become a thing of the past.
[10/15/13]   The famous Austrian-American actress Hedy Lamarr once famously said, "I don't fear death because I don't fear anything I don't understand. When I start to think about it, I order a massage and it goes away."
[10/10/13]   Essentially, there are four types of therapeutic massage. This includes relaxation (such as Swedish), corrective (deep tissue), conditioning (sports massage), and energetic (Reiki).
[10/08/13]   One massage research study measured the amount of a stress hormone - known as cortisol - in saliva before and after a massage. The results: cortisol levels before the massage were dramatically higher than post-massage cortisol levels.
[10/03/13]   Did you know that when your body is under extreme stress, it begins to shut down or slow down different systems? Getting a therapeutic massage can reactivate your body systems and get them functioning regularly again.
[10/01/13]   For your next massage appointment, try to give yourself plenty of time before and after the massage to realize the full benefits. Arriving a few minutes early, and allowing time for rest and relaxation after the massage, can help to maximize the beneficial effects of massage.
[09/26/13]   If you have been inactive for an extended period, massage therapy is an effective treatment for keeping you mobile. Therapy helps maintain or increase your body's range of motion so you can continue with your daily activities.
[09/24/13]   If you are having trouble sleeping, consider massage therapy. Not only does it relieve the aches and pains that plague you, but its relaxing effects reduce the mental stress that can accompany day-to-day living.
[09/19/13]   Did you know that therapeutic massage has been shown to promote tissue regeneration? Thus, regular treatments can help reduce scar tissue and other blemishes like stretch marks.

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