Harbor Jams- Jamberry Independent Consultant

811 7th Ln FI, Fox Island, WA, 98333

Harbor Jams- Jamberry Independent Consultant

811 7th Ln FI

Fox Island, WA, 98333

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I couldn't justify taking off a perfectly good Jamicure even after a week and a half but I have to represent for Apple Cup!! Go Cougs!!
Jamberry Nail Art Studio With over 300 styles, you are bound to find something you love but just in case, Jamberry has our Nail Art Studio (NAS). This is where things like Hawk Jams come out of. You can make any nail you want (as long as it is appropriate and does not use licensed images). Here is a short video to show what NAS is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rcKxul9b5k Introducing The Jamberry Nail Art Studio! Our custom nail wrap creator is the ultimate tool for everyone, from beauty junkies looking to personalize their ma...
Happy BLUE FRIDAY!!!!! Get your Hawks wraps today!!!! Order goes in Sunday!! Just go to my site and order a $25 gift card and these beauties can be yours!!!! I LOVE these Hawk Jams!!! #bluefriday #seahawks #12thMan #hawkjam
[08/20/15]   I am throwing an online Going, Going, Gone party for the wraps that are retiring in just over a week!! Come join the party to see what wraps are going and what new items are coming in!!
It is the LAST Throwback Thursday!!! Get yours today!! And boy did they pick them good!!! Just click on the
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August is one of the best months to host a party!! Why!?!? Because we are discontinuing many of our awesome Jams to make room for our new products!! An even better party is to do it the last few days of August and the first few days of September!! Discontinued items plus brand new items!! Online or in person! You supply the people, I do the rest. Oh and did I mention all of the free stuff!!! PM me for more info!!
[07/31/15]   All right ladies!!! Who want tons of free and discounted product!?!?!? August is the best month to host because we retire a whole bunch of awesome Jams in August. The next best month to host a party? September!! Because we introduce a bunch of awesome Jams!! Who wants to host!?!? We can do an in-house party which are my personal fav, an online party week, a fundraiser, or an online Blitz party (1 hour online). PM me for details!! First person to book gets an additional free sheet of Jams!! #party #jamberry #freestuff #August
Today is the last day to get these Throwback Jams!! Then they go back in the vault forever!!! www.harborjams.jamberrynails.net
#tbt #jamberrynails #jamberry #throwbackthursday #retired
So cute!!! This weeks #throwbackthursday #jamberry #nailwraps are to die for!!! Love love love!! Get them while they are here!! July 23rd-July 27th and then back into the vault!! www.harborjams.jamberrynails.net Remember, buy 3 get one #FREE!!! And this week only, get a free little something from me when you place an order between now and the 27th.
Last chance to get these Jams is TODAY!!!! Almost forgot myself!! So stinking cute!!!!
This weeks #tbt is my ABSOLUTE favorite tbt yet!!! Order by Monday and then they go back in the vault forever!!! #jamberry #throwbackthursday
Kelle Rettke
I am offering a HUGE incentive right now for anyone who joins my team by June 30th!!! I have been so busy with school that I have been neglecting everything else and I have a bonus to get!!! I need 1 person on my team in the next 3 days!!!! HUGE INCENTIVE!!!! Text/call me for info on my cell!
Have you signed up for Stylebox yet?!?!?! This months style is sooooooo cute! I paired it with Grapefruit! Love love love!!!
[06/20/15]   So i am looking to add someone to my team. My goal is to add one person this month but with the end of the school year, I have been so incredibly busy!!! If you are interested in making a few extra bucks a month and having amazing nails at amazing prices with tons of perks, send me a text or email. I would love to have ya!!!
Throwback Thursday!!! Wahoo!! How cute are these!?!?!? Available until Monday!!
Get your nails looking patriotic at a fraction of the price of salons!! www.harborjams.jamberrynails.net
Thank you Sara!! Sorry not sorry that I introduced you to Jamberry!!!! :) Enjoy getting ADDICTED!!! #addiction #sorrynotsorry
Thanks Kathy for showing some WSU love!!! Oh and Oregon State too! Go Beavers!! GO COUGS!!!! #gocougs #gobeavs #WSU #OSU
Thank you Kathy and Jayne for you order!! You inspired me!! I have Whisper on my next order too!!! So versatile!!
Thank you Tori for your order!! These are gorgeous!!!!
Thank you Maralee for your order!! I think you are going to make some one REALLY happy with the Zebra and Scribble Hearts!!!
Seriously, I get paid to have pretty nails. My nails look awesome, people say where did you get those, and I say here is my card and then they buy! So easy!! JOIN MY TEAM!!!!!
I just ordered mine!!! Only a few hours left and then these are gone forever!!!! Www.harborjams.jamberrynails.net
Are you or someone you know getting married?? Imagine treating ALL of your bridesmaids to a manicure for well under $8 each?? Either pick out one of the 300+ styles or create one of your own to custom match your special day!!! Www.harborjams.jamberrynails.net
All set up for a lovely Sunday morning mimosa party in an old one room school house. Book your party today and I'll throw in an extra half sheet of Jams on top of all the other freebies and deals you already get when hosting a party!!!
Throwback Thursday is back!!!!!!!!! Eeeeekkk!!! How cute are these!?!?!? Only available for 4 days!!! May 21st- May 25th aka MY BIRTHDAY!!! Who wants to get me these for my birthday!?!?!??! #tbt #jamberry #socute #birthday
WARNING!!!!! Product is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!!!!!! If you try it once, you may be addicted for life. Seriously!! I think I may need to start a support group!! I wasnt even a nail painter. I was more of a nail biter!! Now I am absolutely obsessed to the point I had to start selling them to get awesome discounts and free product! #obsessed #nomorebitingnails #exnailbiter #JA
Who likes free stuff!?!?!?!? Jamberry has amazing host rewards!!! Free wraps, free goods, discounted prices, and free shipping!! PM me for more info!! I am looking to book two more parties in May!!
Wahoo!! This company is awesome!!!
Trying to find some outfits to go with my nails. You know you're obsessed when.... #obsessed #cabana
I literally cannot get enough of these products!! I went from having a handful of manicures in my entire life to being completely obsessed with doing my nails! Highlight of my day!! And seriously, when your nails look this good, what's not to love!?!? #jamicure #obsessed #prettynails #joinme
GIVE AWAY!!!! Help me decide!!

Ugh, Jam free today!!! :( I am so used to being showered with compliments about my nails but today there were none. I am getting new Jams in the mail tomorrow and I can not wait!!!! How should I mix and match? Winner will win a prize!!! :)
Harbor Jams- Jamberry Independent Consultant
Have you ordered the Throw Back Thursday retired wraps yet? Tomorrow night they go back into retirement and will never be available for purchase again!!! I bought mine! Click on the Shop Now button on my page to be directed directly to my website or call and I can do it over the phone! #tbt #nailstalgic #jamberry
A fun way to support NEPAL by purchasing Jamberry nail wraps only available until tonight at 10pm! 100% of the proceeds go to UNICEF to aid with the earthquake. Plus I will be donating 100% of my commission on the Nepal Relief Jams as well!! Get yours tonight and look good while doing something good!!!! #relief #nepal LAST CHANCE!!!!!!! Only available until 10pm tonight!! Remember 100% of the proceeds go to UNICEF to aid with the Nepal Earthquake! Plus, I will be donating 100% of my commissions on the Nepal Relief Jams. I will be putting in an order at 8pm!!! PM me asap!!!
#nepalreliefjn #nepal #nepalaid #nepalearthquake

Harbor Jams- Jamberry Independent Consultant

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