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[09/16/16]   Just FYI- we are no longer in TEXAS. I still get calls and text messages asking for services.

Unfortunately I do not know of anyone who does mobile nail trims, if you're needing caps Kathy's Kitties in downtown Killeen offers caps.

Thank you!
[09/11/16]   Just FYI I'm having difficulties accessing messages on my phone (thanks Facebook). So if I don't reply to you right away I apologize!
[09/11/16]   AVAILABILITY for 9/11-9/17
9/11-One appointment booked
9/16-Available from 9am-1pm

Not available this weekend sorry!
[09/06/16]   I'm starting my new job tomorrow! I don't have a set schedule so I will post weekly updates with availability.

AVAILABILITY for 9/5-9/11:

Sunday 9/11: I have two appointments booked but may need to reschedule due to illness.
[08/22/16]   I applied for a job at The Pet Brigade on North Fort and I just got the call that they are hiring me! I start in two weeks-I will still be doing mobile nail trims during my off time!
[08/20/16]   It's a hot one today! Make sure your pets have plenty of fresh water available! ☀️🐶☀️😺☀️🐾☀️ Teach your dog to LOVE toenail trims I have worked with a lot of dogs who are scared or terrified of getting their nails trimmed! Check out this video and let me know if you want to do CC/DS! Do you have a dog that is terrified of toenail trims? Watch Pharaoh make the journey from NO WAY to every day! The training sessions featured in this video l...
[08/11/16]   I have availability later this afternoon, tomorrow, Saturday afternoon, & Sunday. 12pm Sunday is already booked. Please message me to book an appointment! 🐾❤️🐶😺❤️🐾
[08/06/16]   Had a great first nail session with a giant (but oh so lovable) Cane Corso! So well mannered 😊 🐶🐾❤️
[07/31/16]   I guess it's time to say Hello JBLM! PAWdicures 2 Go is ready for new Kritters! Still learning the area so please be patient with me as I may run a few minutes late.

Availability: as of right now I have plenty of availability, this will change once we get more settled in. So please ignore my hours of operation here on the page.

Prices: will stay the same as my Ft Hood rates for now until I can get a feel for the going rates around this area. A small gas fee may apply to those outside my service area (which will be determined soon). I will still be the most affordable PAWdicure services around!

If you have any questions, please let me know! Thank you!
[06/14/16]   I am booked Wednesday-Friday this week! I will be ordering more nail caps either tonight or tomorrow; I am currently on my way home from Ft Sam Houston so I've been slow to reply to messages.
[06/10/16]   Doing a dremel session on a wonderful Golden Retriever this morning & then two Feline Mani/Pedi appointments this afternoon/evening!

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