Megan Tompkins Independant Jamberry Consultant

12102 4th Ave W, Everett, WA, 98204

Megan Tompkins Independant Jamberry Consultant

12102 4th Ave W

Everett, WA, 98204

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Megan Tompkins Independant Jamberry Consultant
Some of my favorite wraps from the new catalog!
Just saying...spent all day yesterday moving furniture, cleaning and painting and my manicure is still perfect. Can your manicure do that without damaging your nails? Yes I am bragging because I can!
Jamberry has come out with a new gel like lacquer. I just ordered mine. Cannot wait to try it out!
Some amazing new wraps that have come out recently. Glimmer crystal wraps and Star Wars! Ordering link is in the comments!
Today is the last day to get these retiring wraps. New catalog launches tomorrow. There is a party link in the comments that you can use to order.
Megan Tompkins Independant Jamberry Consultant
Throwback Thursday wraps! I am so feeling the palm trees! Love summer time!
These are available tomorrow!
Just some of the awesome wraps and a lacquer available right now. I just ordered the first 4! They are so crazy pretty. And part of a fundraiser for domestic violence! I will put my open party link in the comments if anyone needs to stock up on Jamberry!
Releasing tomorrow! These are so fun!!
Gel manicure!
Throwback Thursday is back! And can we talk about how awesome Beach Please is??
[04/27/17]   I have a goal to sell 9 more wraps this month! Who can help a girl out?
Wonder Woman wraps are available tomorrow!
Megan Tompkins Independant Jamberry Consultant
This beautiful wrap is only available through tomorrow! I almost forgot to order mine! I love it so much!
Today might be pie day but in Jamberry world we are all about the peanuts! Check out this new collection available starting today!
Love this manicure!
Last month's Color Pop, moondust gel! Love this! So much sparkle!
Megan Tompkins Independant Jamberry Consultant's cover photo
New catalog launched today! Check it out:
This awesome wrap is only available until the 28th!
Put in my going going gone order tonight and got the 2 exclusive wraps! Anyone else need to grab some wraps before they retire for good?
This is awesome! Especially since going going gone is going on!
Today is the day the new Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps come out!
Snow White manicure!
I must get this! This month's Color Pop!
This month's Sister Style Exclusive!
New Disney Princess wraps!
Going going gone list! If there is something you love make sure to grab it! Going until the end of the month! | Jamberry We have a Go Fund me for Aaron's cancer care but with him not working there are other costs for our family we need help with. Some of those are bills since disability gives us a pay cut and extra Dr and counseling bills for myself. Extended daycare for Alyssa and counseling for her as well. To help with this I am going to have a Tompkins Fundraiser every month with Jamberry. 30% of all sales will go to help our family with additional costs. At the end of each month I will be choosing a mystery hostess to receive all of the party rewards for that month. I want to thank everyone again for your help. Here is this month's party link: Jamberry nail wraps offer the hottest trend in fashion. Wrap your nails in over 300 different designs.
All of these wraps are retiring December 31st!
All of these amazing wraps are retiring December 31st! If you are in love with any of them get them now!
Starting to feel like December with this winter manicure! Loving it!

Megan Tompkins Independant Jamberry Consultant

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